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ZeroGPT Evaluation – The Rigorous AI Detection Tool

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Updated: May 3, 2024

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If you're seeking a review of ZeroGPT, the advanced AI-driven text detection tool, you've landed in the right place. Frequently confused with GPTzero, ZeroGPT has established itself as one of the most stringent AI detectors available. But what does it mean to be the "most rigorous AI detector"? In essence, ZeroGPT seldom misses AI-generated content, and as you'll discover in this review, it sometimes mistakenly flags human-written content as AI-generated, unless sophisticated AI evasion tools like are used.

What is ZeroGPT?

ZeroGPT is a cutting-edge text detection tool that utilizes AI technology to help users distinguish between AI-generated and human-written content. According to its website, ZeroGPT is trusted by millions of users, including students, educators, professional writers, freelancers, and copywriters.

What is an AI Content Detector?

AI content detectors have broad applications, serving diverse user groups from students to professionals. For example, students can verify the originality of their assignments to avoid plagiarism, while teachers can check the authenticity of their students' work. Similarly, professional writers, employees, freelancers, and copywriters can use ZeroGPT to ensure the quality and authenticity of their content.

ZeroGPT: Testing Human-Generated Content

The initial tests for this ZeroGPT review involved evaluating human-written pieces sourced from the internet and our own writing.

Test 1: Wikipedia Content

We used content from Wikipedia's "Golden Age of Piracy."

A.I. Detection Results: ZeroGPT identified the Wikipedia content with an 83.22% likelihood of being human-written but erroneously flagged the first and part of the second sentence as AI-generated.

Test 2: Student-Written Content

A local university student provided the following text.

A.I. Detection Results: ZeroGPT incorrectly identified this human-written content as having a 44% chance of being AI-generated, wrongly flagging the entire second paragraph.

ZeroGPT: Evaluating AI-Generated Content

The next series of tests involved analyzing AI-generated pieces from ChatGPT.

Test 1: ChatGPT – Essay on Justice

We submitted an essay on justice generated by ChatGPT.

A.I. Detection Results: ZeroGPT accurately labeled this content as 94% AI-generated but failed to identify the opening lines as AI-generated.

Test 2: ChatGPT – Fraudulent Email

We tested an AI-generated email requesting a friend to cancel a credit card due to fraud.

A.I. Detection Results: ZeroGPT correctly flagged this piece as AI-generated.

ZeroGPT: Analyzing AI-Generated Content Humanized by Paraphrasers

Several tools attempt to humanize AI-generated text to help marketers rank higher on Google or aid students in academic dishonesty. These tools claim to bypass AI detection.

Test 1: Quilbot – Essay on Justice

We ran our previously flagged ChatGPT essay through Quilbot, a popular paraphrasing tool.

A.I. Detection Results: ZeroGPT successfully identified the content as AI-generated even after Quilbot's paraphrasing.

Test 2: Undetectable – Essay on Justice

We processed the same essay through Undetectable's text humanizer.

A.I. Detection Results: Undetectable effectively transformed the AI-generated text into output flagged as 100% human by ZeroGPT.

ZeroGPT Pros

  • Free to Use: ZeroGPT is completely free, a significant advantage for users.
  • High Accuracy: ZeroGPT excels in detecting AI-generated content, outperforming tools like GPTzero and The only tool we've found that can bypass ZeroGPT's detection is

ZeroGPT Cons

  • False Positives: Although highly accurate in detecting AI-generated content, ZeroGPT tends to falsely flag human-written content more frequently than other tools.


ZeroGPT is widely used by a diverse audience, from students to professional writers, for its stringent AI-generated content detection. Utilizing advanced AI technology, this tool excels at identifying AI-written text. Various tests, including those involving paraphrasing tools like Undetectable and Quilbot, have showcased ZeroGPT's effectiveness. The tool is free, making it accessible for anyone needing to verify content authenticity. However, its tendency to falsely flag genuine human-written content as AI-generated is a notable drawback. Despite this, ZeroGPT remains a valuable tool for avoiding plagiarism and ensuring content originality.

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